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    Wrestling Pokes visiting Air Force and Wyoming on Saturday

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    Jun 18, 2008
    Dallas, TX
    Kind of a curious situation that nobody is really talking about... OSU is wrestling at Air Force in Colorado Springs at noon... and then making the 3.5 hour drive (in good conditions) up to Laramie for the dual with Wyoming at 7pm.

    Not really sure the logistics of this were thought through? The first dual will end at 2ish, then they'll get on a bus and get to Laramie around 6? Hour to warm up, then wrestle.. I guess it will work. Hope it doesn't negatively impact any of the athletes... fortunately their weigh in from Co Springs will count for the Wyoming dual too.

    Here's the matchups!

    Saturday 500vip彩票线路测试@ noon vs Air Force:

    125: #4 Nick Piccinnini (Sr) vs Sidney Flores (So)
    - Flores is a decent wrestler... but Picc is on a different tier and should handle Sidney. Nick has also been looking for bonus points in almost every match since UNI... so hopefully we see him at least finish a major here.
    Picc by TF - Pokes 5-0

    133: #23 Reece Witcraft (Fr) vs Jared Van Vleet (So)
    - No real notable wins from Van Vleet. Hopefully Witcraft steps up the consistency and picks up a win in this one... his Wyoming match up is a tough one.
    Witcraft by DEC - Pokes 8-0

    141: #19 Dusty Hone (Jr) vs Lenny Patterson (Jr)
    - Algorithm actually has Patterson winning this one... but Hone is a microwave and has a gas tank for days, so I think the math is wrong on this one.
    Hone by Dec - Pokes 11-0

    149: #5 Boo Lewallen (Jr) vs Dylan Martinez (Fr)
    - Boo should bounce back well this weekend and pick up a win to start Saturday off. Would like to see bonus points or a pin here. Martinez is solid though and could be a threat in the future. Keeps matches close.
    Boo by Fall - Pokes 17-0

    157: #19 Wyatt Sheets (So) vs Trey Brisker (So)
    - Need to see Sheets build off of his solid win on Sunday over Jacques.
    Sheets by Dec - Pokes 20-0

    165: #9 Travis Wittlake (Fr) vs Randy Meneweather (Sr)
    - Wittlake beat Randy at the Scuffle 4-2. Would like to see him widen the gap... but a senior at a service academy with a kick ass name is always going to be tough to separate from.
    Wittlake by Dec - Pokes 23-0

    174: #13 Joe Smith (Sr) vs Cody Surrett (Jr)
    - This weekend will be interesting for Joe. Should handle this one, but his Wyo matchup is tough.
    Joe by Dec - Pokes 26-0

    184: #15 Taco Montalvo (Fr) vs Jake Thompson (So)
    - The Taco revolution is upon us!
    Taco by MD - Pokes 30-0

    197: #8 Dakota Geer (Jr) vs Casey Jumps (Jr)
    - Great name for an Air Force guy, no doubt, but he has one win over common opponents to Geer's one loss to common opponents... math probably checks out here for a major for Dakota.
    Geer by Dec - Pokes 33-0

    HWT: Whoever vs Kayne Hutchinson (So)
    - Meh. Harris or Putnam could certainly pick up a win here. Will probably be a slop fest though.
    Hutchinson by Dec - Pokes 33-3

    Prediction: Pokes 33 - 3 Air Force

    Saturday evening at Wyoming

    125: #4 Piccinnini vs Jake Svihel (Fr)
    - Blood bath time for Picc.
    Picc by Fall.- Pokes 6-0

    133: #23 Witcraft vs #8 Montorie Bridges (Jr)
    - Huge opportunity for Witcraft to get a signature win here that he probably needs to help his situation in March. Bridges is a really tough Oklahoma guy though, so it'll be a tall task for the freshman.
    Bridges by Dec - Pokes 6-3

    141: #19 Hone vs Trevor Jeffries (Fr)
    - Should be a good chance for Hone to show what he's capable of in the bonus scoring department here.
    Hone by MD - Pokes 10-3

    149: #5 Boo vs Jaron Jensen (Jr)
    - Jensen beat Brock Mauller, who just provided Boo with his first loss on the season... so he's a dangerous wrestler. Hopefully Boo keeps focus here.
    Boo by Dec - Pokes 13-3

    157: #19 Sheets vs Dewey Krueger (Sr)
    - Need Sheets to keep his focus here as Krueger isn't a push over.
    Sheets by Dec - Pokes 16-3

    165: #9 Wittlake vs Cole Moody (Fr)
    - Wittlake majored Moody at the Scuffle... probably pretty similar result here.
    Wittlake by MD - Pokes 20-3

    174: #13 Joe vs #12 Hayden Hastings (So)
    - Another big test for Joe here... I'm curious to see how he responds to wrestling this schedule. Obviously need him to do it in March, so hopefully he can do it here... but Hastings, like his brother, is no pushover. Boys know how to wrestle.
    Hastings by Dec - Pokes 20-6

    184: #15 Taco vs Tate Samuelson (So)
    - Taco beat Samuelson at the Scuffle 4-1 and has only gotten better from there.
    Taco by MD - Pokes 24-6

    197: #8 Geer vs #24 Stephen Buchanan (Fr)
    - Geer should be good for at least a decision here. Buchanan is kind of in that same spot as Witcraft... good... but has taken some goofy losses with no good wins to backfill.
    Geer by Dec - Pokes 27-6

    Hwt: Whoever vs #21 Brian Andrews (Jr)
    - Andrews will make us wish we had been able to hold on to their commitment after their time at NEO. Real shame. BUT... Rumor has it that they're just trying to get Brock Martin in slightly better shape before throwing him out there, but he's going to be the guy they try to get qualified for NCAAs. Can't wait too long, but there is a last chance tournament that he can enter and the Big 12s as well.
    Andrews by Dec - Pokes 27-9
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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Any chance they are flying? Thought it was odd when the schedule came out.
    I don't think wrestling gets plane privileges. Probably going to bus it, is my guess.

    Would be a hell of a recruiting pitch if they do fly private though. I doubt there are many programs that get to do that.
    Every article I've read says bus. That would be a long ride for someone if they were to slip up and lose a match they shouldn't in the first dual. Hope it doesn't happen.

    Side note and question: the Air Force dual (from what I've seen) will stream on Trackwrestling.com. Anybody know if it costs to stream from them?